Weekly Investment Edition: Trends and Insider Information

The competition has begun! Did you notice!?
While Capital Smart City (CSC) is celebrating its approval of No Objection Certification (NoC) from RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) and has officially launched its marketing campaign.
Top City who followed Capital Smart City in claiming to be the first smart city in Pakistan – have been relentlessly working on their marketing campaign since last month. We see Ahsan Khan, Aisha Khan and Bushra Ansari enjoying their walk in the lush green gardens of Top City commercial on televisions.
While these two estate projects at the airport side are competing big time – there is a rising star on the other side i.e. Gulberg Greens at Islamabad Expressway – which is about to takeoff very soon.

Outcome of CSC Marketing Campaign

So as soon as CSC launched its marketing campaign, it turned out the impact was successful as within two days, the prices hiked up not only for the plots which are available for first time buyers but also the profit margin went up on the previously bought estate. 

You see, early buyers are benefiting big time! And the game has just started.
CSC On Air

CSC Advertisment on HUM TV

CSC Launching Ceremony

Not only that, suddenly there are a lot of buyers in the market – but also sellers are waiting for the Capital Smart City LAUNCHING CEREMONY which is going to be held in 4 days on October 6th, 2019. 

The invitations are out! And only those who have the ‘Smart Invitation Card’ will be allowed to enter.
What’s the ‘Smart Invitation Card’? 16 GB USB !
Certainly, they are being true towards their motto – ‘Smart is the way to live today!’
Undoubtedly the prices will further rise after the Launch and investors are just waiting for the right time to sell.
The competition is tough for commercial due to their limited availability however, residential areas are available for first time buyers.
Of course, on revised prices – but they are still affordable.

Insider Information

A very limited number of investment opportunities are available on previous rates (insider information). And so you have a very small window to enter before the market shifts for Capital Smart City. Time is now or never!

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