To the New Beginnings

To the New Beginings

Naturally inclined to fear of the unknown; the beauty of it lies within you; a key to lock down your fears of the unknown territories and uncharted seas. Deep within unknown is known; all it requires a connection with intuition; to hear your pretty self.

The noise around you may not let you listen your own better judgments; your own impatience may lead you astray; stubbornly holding onto people, groups, places, emotions, relationships may become emotionally harrowing, your uncontrolled desires may lead you to a closed end.

There's a fine line between what intuition is communicating to you and what your impatience and stubbornness is pushing you into. Never let yourself hide behind the "fear of the unknown"; its nothing but an excuse to continue living in your comfort zone; an inertia towards new beginnings.

And just like you are full of wonders;  your unknown is going to unfold into wonderful beginnings very soon.

In the meantime, let's see off the end of this year and welcome, the beginning of another year with positive vibes, fresh starts, smarter ambitions and sheer love!

~ Happy New Year!