Its Time to Invest your Savings

Investments Investments
May be its time to enter into politics? Nah. We have quite a few people to do that job in our daily lives. I am onto something different – which is quite unusual for women in a society like ours. Investments!

While I was working in my previous organisation, we used to ask a question in every survey, “Who takes major financial decisions in your household?” and the results never surprised us. In 90% of the cases, they were ‘Husbands’ and ‘Father-in-law’. Our setup used to be mostly rural. I wonder how much the situation differs in urban setup. That’s where you guys can help me to find out!
Remember those money-boxes from your childhood!? Concept of savings is introduced in our lives that early. But unfortunately, we were only told, “Paisay bacha lo zarurat parnay per kaam ayen ge.” And how do you define ‘zarurat’? I guess, in most cases you lend it to someone in need for never to be returned.
Moving on, were you the one who used to save more than your siblings? And do you remember that they used to spend all of their money and asked you for borrowing? Hmm..
Do you still save? It is hard to save while growing up. Why? Because of the increase in ‘zarurat’ (needs). But women by nature, no matter how much they spend on their clothes or food or self care; they have more tendency to save. They care more about people around them and hence they worry more about uncertainties which the future may bring. I mean, I cannot say, ‘Aj khaa pee ker sakoon sey so jao, kal ki kal dekhi jaegi.”
However, this does not mean, you should not lend or you should not help people around you. Do it smartly! How?
Have you considered investing your savings? Too risky? A little bit uncertainty is everywhere. In worst case scenario, you might not get profits but you still will be able to save your initial investment. And this worst case scenario is rare.
Generally, with the market we have in Pakistan, internal migration to big cities, and rapid expansion of cities in all directions, the demand for land is ever increasing and so is the value of the property.
Consider investing the amount you save! And if there is a need spend only the profits you earn on it. Set aside these investments for your future, your children’s better education, your family’s better tomorrow.
Being a proud daughter, sister and a wife of real estate professionals, I breathe 24/7 in an environment of investments. I have been asked multiple times to practice it; but I always considered it very risky. However, no risks no return! So, in last couple of years, I have been investing and it is paying-off well. Alhamdulilah!
If you are interested to have more information on available investment opportunities in Islamabad with promising returns; do not hesitate; just leave a text on my instagram or facebook!
Happy Thursday!