The ‘Art’ of Letting Go

What did I say? Art!
Take a minute to look back at your life.
Remind yourself of all the people you met, the relationships you had, the places you have lived or traveled, the books you studied, those friends in school, the hide and seek you played with your siblings and so on.
You would go so far on the road to remember that it will take more time than I asked you for!
Now for a moment, think about where do you stand today? And how have you made this far?
Isn’t it all about letting go and moving on throughout our lives?
And we have been made to practice it so much that it eventually becomes an art.
The art where you look confused but so clear in your strokes that no one understand its complexities.
The art in which you hide grief and appear vibrant than ever.
The art which hold stories so old enough to become obsolete, but you will display them in your living room with so much pride that it becomes antique.
The art which seems so full that you can easily follow the broken links.
The art that comes so naturally and takes all from you so quickly and smoothly that you hate doing it all over again.
An art that offers some variant of rebirth. That sinks your heart for a little while and then all comes back to normal. Like an ocean tide which settles down eventually.
But only until the next tidal wave.