On Nature, Love and Betrayal

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"Nature never did betray the heart that loved her." William Wordsworth
The only irony is that when I painted this quotation for a school project, on a lilac colored fabric and framed in a light gray wooden frame; they lost it!
Nature, on the other hand, is an entirely different sensation. It embraces you with compassion and love whenever you are in need; and wherever you try to reach. All it requires is a connection – a heart to heart! And it listens to you silently; radiating back positive energies only. It holds all your secrets, prayers, sorrows, grievances and hopes without ever spilling them out. 
But sometimes when its heart is full; it pours down on earth and when the earth feels loaded; it quakes or erupts. Essentially, all of us, once in a while, break down for a recharge or a fresh start. And it keeps the circle going. 

These mountains and the water flowing alongside are strikingly different in nature.

Stand with the mighty pride, rigidity and stubbornness of mountains. 
Goes with the gushing flow, adaptability and agility of water. 

On the level of strength, water gives a tougher competition because when it comes into rage it can even move mountains. And it knows how to make its own way out of obstacles.

As a human, the challenge is even greater. You have to be flexible enough to be the mountain and the water; sometimes both at the same time. And you have to be daring enough to love the mountains and deep dive into the uncharted waters; keeping your grip stronger than ever on the invisible strings of faith hoping that they will not betray you. 
Hoping that mountains will not let you fall, 
And the water will not let you drown, 
The chances of twist are always there and so is the betrayal. With nature very rarely, unless it decides to be disastrous; with humans often it may be! But keep on spreading love around you. They say time heals. Let’s replace ‘time’ with ‘love’. And be that love!
Count the ducks

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