Mr. Whacky Weekend

Mr. Whacky Weekend was back!
And this time it was a long weekend; for lucky locals of Islamabad. Well, Crown Prince, MbS from Kingdom of Saudia Arabia was honoring Pakistan by his visit; and left half of the nation in an even deeper midlife crisis. Apart from that, the visit seemed a very amicable one; and it felt so good to watch happy faces from both countries live on PTV News. Lets hope for the materialization of MoUs and a bright future for ourselves. 
Have you ever heard of sleeping with responsibility? When you have a little one sleeping with you, you have to do responsible sleeping; which I did not know of until I had one. Waking up time and again to check on him; if he is okay, if he is breathing properly; if he is needed to be fed etc. 
Gone are the times when we were used to be careless and carefree; 
Gone are the nights when we used to sleep like a log. 
I love spending time with Shazil. Talking with him, playing with him, cuddling with him, watching him smile and hearing his laughs – that is how I spend most of the time during weekends, in addition to doing laundry, ironing clothes and cleaning home.
If I have to give one word to this working mom era of my life, it would be “crazy”; Have you ever closely watched washing and drying of clothes in the front door washing machine? Just like that! But is this ride worth getting tumble dry? Yes, Of course! With all that exhaustion, complaining tones and frustration; and a little less than 6 hours of sleep, its still worth becoming a working mom.