Making Life Worthwhile!

Just as failing is easy and the real challenge is to keep trying until you succeed. In the very same way, breaking up is simple; to let your relationships fail. The real test is in keeping up with your loved ones no matter how difficult it is! 
And when you are in love; then long distances, different mind sets, ethnic or cultural differences does not matter. These are nothing but an excuse you tell yourself to run away from the nuisance of being together forever. And who said it is easy?
Were you not asked to write an essay on ‘Life is not a bed of roses’ in school? I did. But at that time, I thought what kind of a topic is it? Now, I know they were being realistic.  
And hey, it is always good to be sure about people you love and care that they are doing well. And do you believe, the way you feel and think about them; anyone else can feel or think that way? The way you look after them; anyone else can do that? I am not sure.
Life does not stop. Not for anyone! But it certainly changes. It even demands you to change to get going. Can you see your loved ones changed such that they lose their vigor or they become a different person altogether? Or do you love them enough to let no one steal their light? 

In the end, its not about living an easy life. Its about making it worthwhile!