Its About ‘Grey’ Choices in Life

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Aren’t you always making choices in every second of your life! To wake up or snooze? Eat breakfast or rush to office instead? Eat healthy or have a cheat day? Sleep early or watch a movie? Re-appear in the entry tests next year or to opt out for another field of study this year? To marry whom and when? Start a family or wait until you can check off whatever to-do list you have? Stay a little longer or leave right away? Give time to your relationships or rush to the conclusions?

Wow! That’s quite some choices. And this list has just started. Isn’t it? But let’s compare the first one and last one.

Snoozing your alarm is easy; waking up instead is hard. Right? But patiently giving time to relationships which for the moment seems to be going nowhere or instead concluding it right away – I wonder which of the two is a harder choice to make!

Sometimes, there are no right or wrong choices. Hence, the grey choices in life. The hard ones – about which no one can guide or everyone will guide you according to their own perspectives.
Exactly! The choices in which perspectives come into play. And you will always be judged by those who have a contrasting lens. 
Remember how we used to have debate competition in schools? Same topic but either you are ‘for’ it or ‘against’ it! Point of views for both sides were used to be valid but one with a convincing debate would win.
The only difference while confronting grey choices is that no one knows who wins eventually. May be, there is no win. It’s about heading on to a different pathway instead which is more fulfilling and promising in that moment.
What will it bring eventually? Well, you won’t know for either of the options you had in that moment.
But once you are on it; never look back! Stay true to the choice you made which has now become your commitment. Only then, you will make your way through your bumpy ride. Wait! You thought the choice you didn’t make was bumpy instead? Well, its real life! You are not on a holiday. 

Will it be worthwhile? You are the only ingredient that can add flavor.

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