Happy Birthday to One Year Old of Mine

First Birthday
First Birthday

Happy First Birthday Shazil!

You know what’s the most soothing sight?!
Watching you asleep peacefully at 6:30 in the morning; when my alarm goes off on a work day! 
Some days I spend good 15-20 minutes just watching you like that! And I feel so much blessed to start my days with you by my side. I know in a blink of an eye, you will grow up – just as this year has gone by so fast. And a time will come when it would be selfish of me to keep you by my side. And I would have to let you fly just as you let me go when I am off to work. But you will always be mine! 
Thank you for being such a cooperative baby. Thank you for staying strong. Guess, I would have to do the same, when I will grow old! 
And this is how life is! It gives you a full gol chakkar (complete circle). You end where you started from but as a different person altogether; wiser and older with whites in the hair and wrinkles everywhere! Of course, with lesser energy and weaker systems.
But as much as life is a circle; it is also relative! We are all sailing across each other in different circles. At different speeds. From various backgrounds. Sometimes crossing paths. Other times running in parallel. And you have to learn to sail through it. Like in a way we are trying to make you crawl and walk. Trying again and again! Consistently and strategically! And ignoring initial irritations towards the process. Because only if you are pressed against the wall – you will find a way through it!
And my dear child when life throws lemons at you – and you are forced to sink; then do not waste your time making a lemon juice rather rise up instantly and swim instead. Only those who mold are there to survive and thrive. Flexibility is the key you should always keep! Because those who cannot bend, breaks down. 
I pray that you would never break – but even if you do because life happens! Update yourself; delete all caches and cookies; restart your system and start all over again; but never shut down and leave hopelessly! 
Sometimes shutting down is also not too bad – because your system might need some rest but only for a little while. A ‘while’ in which you can come back to life and still can get back on the track.
My Dear Son! Do not make it too long – or else you will miss your next best train! And then you would have to take what’s there because it will already be getting late and dark. And you would want to be at least somewhere than being nowhere!
Even if you ever feel lost, its okay! It is just another step towards welcoming a new perspective in your life. 
Though I know that with the energy you have you will do great things in life and with the charm of your smile you will gather amazing people around you. But sometimes, you need these gentle reminders to keep staying stronger but kinder. Always!