Daily Journal: Little Guy Turned Seven Months Old

Little Guy Turned Seven Months Little Guy Turned Seven Months
Little Guy Turned Seven Months
My Little Penguin, 
You have turned seven months old two weeks ago. Just as the days and work gets busier, I find lesser time to write in general and write about you in particular. But that does not mean your little cute and intelligent milestones are going unnoticed. 
From your rolling over to sleeping on sides, from eating only egg yolk to eating mashed potatoes, semolina (sooji ka halwa) and mashed bananas. Saying eeeh eeeh for our undivided attention to intelligently connecting different sounds in never ending cute melodies – most of the times talking to your hands and feet and sometimes with us. 
We have now succeeded, I guess, in making you learn shaking and waving hand. But that solely depends on your mood. Otherwise, you are always distracted with the frames on the walls and flowers on the table. 
You have not started crawling yet! But who likes to crawl, right!? Better start running, may be? So, dadi and nani are kind of worried about your crawling and walking chart. Although, its no big deal; its too early for you! But to calm both grandmothers down; nana has bought a disney musical walker for you! And I cannot tell you how amazing it is. 
You always get attracted towards distractions; so you were more into playing with the piano buttons and rolling toys at the front rather than trying to push walker using your happy feet. 
A child would do all the other things except what you would want him to do!
Finally, you have started enjoying our daily drives and long commutes. And to my surprise you find traffic hilarious – for only-you-know-what reason. 
Oh and did I tell you that your mami has bought you another cool musical toy which has a piano section and an animal section with 6 faces i.e. horse, bird, cow, duck, frog and sheep. They all make their respective sounds and say out their name. Quite an interesting learning toy it is! 
Well, when it comes to learning; we all kind of struggle like that 😉 Haha.
But let us see what are you already learning!
When nani says,“Excercise”
Smart Guy: Lifts his both legs up in the air. 
When nana says,“Mein aya aya aya”
Cheery Minion: Smiles and gets excited. 
When mama says,“CAARRRR”
Mini Monkey: Tries to copy and makes a sound of AAARRR
When baba watches TV
Little Fish: Rolls over for having remote control. 
When phupho sings,“Twinkle Twinkle”
Bugs Bunny: Forgets crying and gives instant smiles
When dada hides behind the door
Naughty Champ: Tilt his head to find him. 
When mom and dad have breakfast in the morning
Cookie Monster cannot stop staring.
And to your surprise; all of the above are you!
Happy Seven Months Shazil.

~Mom and Dad Love You!