Choti Eid & Parcel Kahani


As soon as I stepped into the month of Ramadan, the more I wanted to work on my spiritual side, I was rather attracted by the materialization and commercialization of life. 

And I let it happen! 

I could not stop whirling down that lane. I spent hours and days on it until I start noticing something which struck the chords… And that put me off the track from the useless scrolling and online window shopping! 

I did not buy any clothes online! I did not go out for Eid Shopping for myself specifically. Why?

When Ethnic referred to the childhood memories of Eid, to advertise their “Choti Eid” collection, it took me back to my Eidi days! It brought back the fun of writing and posting eid cards, getting lots of eidi from our Dada, Dadi, Nana, Nani. Khalas, Khalos, Mamoos, Phuphos, Tayas and Chachos; counting Eidi and competing with siblings and cousins. Sab yaad agaya!

And when Generations started its Parcel Kahani – tu yaad aya ke Eid tu khushiyaan bantney k liye hoti hai. And how beautifully our elder generations have shared happiness with us – when we were young! But since when it has become all about spending huge amount of money on ourselves instead? I don’t know! 

Slowly and gradually, without us noticing it, this commercialization is making it happen. But of course, it does not force anyone – it only creates hype and peer-pressure. And so, the choice is ours! Only ours!

And now that the Choti Eid is over; the pressure is gone – for a little while because Bari Eid will be just around the corner after a few weeks.

Have you already noticed advertisement of Mahira’s upcoming movie “Superstar”; only to be released on Eid-ul-Adha? 

Essentially, I did buy a thing or two from these brands!

I bought the idea of reviving Eid values and traditions.

And I must say thank you to the ones who are using these themes to advertise! So, I started to think around the lines of Eid cards. This was Shazil’s first Eid; and giving ‘Eid Cards from Shazil’ seemed to be a great idea to me!

At first I thought of making Eid Cards myself (because I love doing artwork) and so I went to The Blingspot Studio for the necessary stationary (because I have bought from them previously). 

But I knew that I would not have enough time to make these cards myself. I also wanted something different. So, I contacted nimscraft! And here we go! She made amazing customised cards for Shazil’s Dada & Dadi, Phuphos, Nana & Nani, Mamoos & Mumanis and I got one for us – going to get ours framed!

Here’s my Gulab Jamun sharing happiness with his loved ones on his First Choti Eid with Eid Mubarak Cards!


It became an activity for Wajahat and I; we wrote them together (our first)! It was a surprise for our family members! Of course, they were not expecting it. They loved the idea! And we all enjoyed and laughed at our animations!