Celebrating ‘Her’

Knock! Knock! (Zee opened the door and saw red swollen eyes staring at the Laptop as if she has stayed up all night.)
Zee (all smiles): Hello there!!!  
She (without making eye contact): Hi.  
Ouch! This was a sad morning greeting. Something is just not right. She is usually the loud joyful music of the office. Noisy garrulous personality, who hardly have any idea what she talks about.  Oh no! She is actually working today; the one who rarely works and never let others work too. Today is just not the normal day! 
Mumbling with herself, Zee walked towards her desk but couldn’t concentrate on her work. Dwelling deep into the subliminal and connecting it with personal experiences, Zee couldn’t resist to declare: women’s world is fragility filled with exuberance.
And the subconscious responded: 
She is a phenomena; a world within a world within a world. 
Efforts to anticipate its immensity and depth have been subjected to eternal failure. And that’s where we assert; she’s a complexity intricately woven into mysterious patterns; hardly possible to contemplate. 
Her highs are limitless bits of wonderful delights. Her lows are bottomless pits of inexpressible dejection. She’s a conflicting depiction of such extremities; a beautiful pendulum moving to and fro between the two extremes; wanting to stay but the inertia has kept her moving. Her caprice does not make her guilty of numerous charges – we have exposed her to; it’s not the fault in herself, it’s the fault in her stars.
Her resilience is incomparable until the externalities let this fragile bubble burst. And we say; the reality has hit her hard. She knows she will never be enough for the rest of the world. But she has come this far to believe that her fullness will suffice her best. To her dismay, she sometimes comes across those beasts who try ripping this beauty apart. It takes her a lifetime to overcome her complexes; the world has put her into. She might disagree but her conscience will certainly agree. This bursting of the bubble; questions her existence, strength and vibrancy. That’s where she fell apart. And we laugh at her delicacy spilling over her naive face, blushing red, as if she is the one who has mistaken. Though in reality, she’s the one we have mistreated. And once she is out of it; she grows stronger than ever before. 
She takes the blame, she surrenders, she accepts! We take it as her submission which is essentially her sturdiness artistically wrapped in ceaseless affection. She suffer and we make her bare the pain but her heart melts at the sight of our pain. She is the most beautiful retreat we can ever have. And in the darkest hours most of us take refuge into her phenomenal world.  
Hello Zee! Sorry to disturb you. Are you writing something? Curious Meena interrupted.
Zee (Saving her thoughts in a document): Oh Hey Meena! Umm…I was just working. Let’s discuss it over a cup of coffee.
Meena: Oh that’s a good deal. Coffee is a bliss. Let’s go!
And they left, while the article awaits publication on wordeco.com to mark International Women’s Day.