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Letter to My Half a Year Old

When the days are slow; all I think is about coming back to you, hug you tight and hear your shrieking laughter. Because that can make any day!

Letter to My Half a Year Old

With the time passing by so fast, and you are turning half a year old in two weeks – you have become an integral part of our lives. A few months ago, you were a just new addition and I felt so overwhelmed. Five and a half months later, I get overjoyed seeing you every morning and all night! I still get annoyed waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes, its very hard after a long tiring day but it gives me immense pleasure to see you asleep peacefully and that brings a smile to this zombie looking annoyed face. 

The circles under the eyes get darker some days but only a mom can find beauty and happiness in them. 
And how innocent are you? You know nothing at all! You will know your journey and will never be able to relate to our life stories; the ones which we will tell you. But you know, there are some to which you would relate; the only thing is that you would not know them. And when I put myself in your shoes and think about your grandparents, even I know nothing at all. And this is how the circle of life goes on!
While writing I get distracted in the moment like we distract you from watching television. But its only the distraction which tells you that you were doing something more important. And its only the distraction that can change the course of your life. You will still know, what was more important; the distraction or the destination. And these destinations are so relative and gray that you cannot differentiate the right from wrong. And sometimes you have to make the wrong ones right; for you are too tired to wander and too afraid of getting lost. And its okay! Time will tell you the logic behind it. Explanations are on their way to settle down your curiosities. 
There is us and then there is a hidden force; and this life is a tussle between what you know and what you do not know. So, whenever in life things do not work out the way you wanted – just remember that there is something you do not know and that is kept from you for your own good.
All you have to make sure is that your heart is of gold and your intentions are pure.
I cannot promise you that you will get what you have asked for. But what I can guarantee is that the good will come at the right time. 
May God always be with you.
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