5 things that employers should do differently in 2020

Let your Employees Grow or Go!

Never restrict people’s opportunities for growth.
Let them grow and see them conquer.
You are no one to tell that they are too young for it. May be you are too old!
If yours and employees’ vision are not aligned, it is always better to part ways.


Say out loud words of encouragement and enjoy the magic that follows.
Do not tell people that they do not deserve to be in the position for which you have already hired them for. Tell them they have areas of improvement but they can do it.

Stay Composed!

Conflicts arise when people work together in teams. If someone is getting onto your nerves, do not take it personally. Narrating stories to everyone will only make it worse.

Resolve, do not prolong.

Setting Examples is Not Easy. Appreciate!

Just because a female employee is coming to work leaving kids behind – does not mean she is dying for the job.
What else could be the motivation?
She might want to set an example for her daughters to be independent and for her son – to let her sister, wife and daughter become empowered. 

Good Working Environment!

(And this does not only mean harassment free environment.)

People give half of their day to your organisation – consider their preparation time, travel time and thinking / reflecting time when they go home.

Give your employees a reason to come back to office tomorrow morning.